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MSSA 2024 Candidate Grades and Endorsements

Montana Supreme Court - Masters of Montana

MSSA 2024 Candidate Questionnaires

Letter to Mountain Line, 02/27/2023

About HB 551

Intent for SB 272, 2023

Intent for HB 197, 2023

Be Safe RFP

MSSA 2022 Candidate Grades And Endorsements

MSSA 2022 Candidate Questionnaires

Complaint to the Judicial Standards Commission

Regents v. Montana - Briefs before the Montana Supreme Court

Comment to Board of Regents in re Campus Carry and HB 102

Messages to U.S. Senator Jon Tester, March, 2021

Explanation of LR-130 and HB-102

"Ban Bullock" Signs and More About the Bullock Campaign

LR-130 - All About Legislative Referendum 130

MSSA 2020 General Election Grades and Endorsements

MSSA 2020 Primary Election Grades and Endorsements

MSSA 2020 Candidate Questionnaires

MSSA 2018 General Election grades and endorsements

MSSA 2018 Primary Election grades and endorsements

Missoula Ordinance - News Release 04/12/18 about the Missoula lawsuit

Missoula Resolution - Support for Firearm Safety Education

MSSA 2018 Candidate Questionnaires (US and State)

County Attorney Candidate Questionnaire.  A candidate questionnaire that local folks may apply to county attorney candidates.

Sheriffs' Candidate Questionnaire.  A candidate questionnaire that local folks may apply to county sheriff candidates.
Critique of Rob Quist Gun Ad

MSSA 2016 General Election Grades and Endorsements

Trapping ban (I-177) comment

A Guide to Private Firearm Sales

MSSA 2016 Primary Election endorsements - legislative candidates

MSSA's 2016 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

Missoula Proposal to Regulate Private Firearm Sales

MSSA grades for 2015 legislators

Montana School Safety Act - an initiative of the people

Of the Tooth Fairy and the Supremacy Clause

MSSA bills before the 2015 Montana Legislature

MSSA 2014 Candidate Grades and Endorsements

MSSA 2014 Candidate Questionnaires

Mental Health Records and the RKBA

SCOTUS letter in re Montana Firearms Freedom Act (.pdf)

The Montana Onion

Public Safety v. Private Safety

Consorting with evil corporations?

MSSA 2012 Candidate Grades and Endorsements

MSSA assessment - 2012 Republican Primary Governor race

MSSA 2012 Candidate Questionnaires

Making Sense of the Ninth Amendment

MSSA amicus brief in US v. Stegmeier

MSSA Questions about FWP sheep "sting" operation, and FWP's response.

Montana Federalist Society

MSSA's brief to SCOTUS in re the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) (.pdf file).

MSSA 2010 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

"Firearms Freedom Act" - Montana leads; many states follow.

Sheriffs First (or no more Wacos).  This bill would make it a state crime for a federal officer to arrest, search, or seize in Montana without first getting the written permission of the elected county sheriff of the county in which the action is to take place.  Locally-elected sheriffs are accountable to the people and are supposed to the the chief law enforcement officer of the county, bar none.  This bill puts teeth into the expectation that federal agents must operate with the approval of the sheriff, or not at all.  There are exceptions for "hot pursuit", customs and border patrol, corrupt sheriffs, and more.

Sheriffs Department Draft Policy to protect firearm possession in the Sheriff's county.

About military cartridge brass destruction, 2010

MSSA 2009 legislative issues.

"Dangerous and unusual" weapons.  An analysis of the use of this phrase from the Heller decision, and as applied to U.S. v. Fincher.

Heller.  The Montana take on the "collective rights" position in the D.C. v. Heller case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

ReportWhite House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy, Reno, Nevada, October 2008.

MSSA 2008 Candidate Grades and Endorsements.

Campus gunsA analysis of issues concerning firearms on Montana university campuses.

MSUCorrespondence with Montana State University over their proposed campus guns policy revision.

BeSafeMSSA's gun safety program for kids.

Good Bills.  Ideas that may some day pass the Legislature.

Montana Shooting RangesAll about Montana shooting ranges, range construction, liability and range funding.

The Montana Right to Bear Arms.  Article II, Section 12, and MUCH MORE.

Legislative Process.  All about how a bill becomes a law, and how to influence that process.

Precision rifleAll about precision rifle matches near Potomac, Montana.

Wolves.  The Montana/feds "Cooperative Wolf Management Agreement" and DFWP wolf kill permit.

Shooting range funding, 2007.  Shennagins by FWP concerning shooting range funding in the 2007 Special Session.

Attorney General.  A letter to the Montana Attorney General warning about cops who disarm citizens upon traffic stops.

LEOAn open letter to Montana law enforcement officers about encounters with citizens carrying firearms.

  Correspondence with the BATFE re the requirement for a "residence address" to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer.

MSSA V. Montana.  Legal documents in MSSA's lawsuit over SSNs required to hunt and fish.

FWP lobbyingLegal documents for MSSA's lawsuit against FWP concerning FWP lobbying.

Holster design.  MSSA's holster design contest for Students for Campus Concealed Carry empty holster protest - homemade holsters from common materials.

MSSA Question.  Critical RKBA question for U.S. Senate candidates from Montana.

About Autopistol Grip Angle

Recoil.  An unfinished study about rifle recoil reduction.

Beanbag.  How to make/load shotgun beanbag rounds for less-than-lethal "adversity training" of bears and other wild critters.

Cannon.  Toys for big boys in Montana.