Legislative Referendum # 130 or LR-130

"Green Card" Handout here - .pdf file
(Print these two pages on 8.5" X 11" paper to take to the local copy or print shop, or take them the electronic file on a thumb drive.  Ask the copy shop or printer to print this job two-sided on Astrobright "Terra Green Cover" and cut into six cards.)

The items below are done for the Voter Information Pamphlet to be published and distributed by the Secretary of State.  They are in the public domain, so you may link to them or reproduce the material provided.

One-page description of LR-130 (.doc, MSWord file)
One-page description of LR-130 (.html page)
(You may also have copies of this description printed locally, if you wish.)

Opponent's Arguments against LR-130
(Note:  This telegraphs to our side what arguments they will likely trot out during the campaign.)

Our Rebuttal to Anti-LR-130 Argument
(Answers for you to use, as needed.)

What is Montana's "preemption law" and why is it important.
(Important information for you.)

Official Intent for LR-130
(Debunking the lies)

Rebuttal to Bullock's Veto Message for HB 325
(More debunking of lies)