Vote Yes on LR-130

Limiting government overreach.  LR-130 opponents make a big deal about local control, yet 62% of the funding (as of July 2020) reported by the "NO on LR-130" committee came from New York City and billionaire Michael Bloomberg's Everytown group.  How does opponent's reliance on wealthy influence from New York fit with opponents' cry for local control?

The people and the Legislature have always asserted control of local governments. Montana Code Annotated (Montana laws) has 859 pages of fine print that controls what local governments can or cannot do. Otherwise, local governments could recklessly abridge our freedoms. LR-130 is about limiting government and protecting our rights, not about local control.

LR-130 is certainly constitutional.  Our U.S. and Montana constitutions both state our right to bare arms shall not be infringed.  Protecting a constitutional right cannot be 'unconstitutional.'  LR-130 protects our rights.  To say otherwise is just wrong.

LR-130 is indeed essential.  During legislative hearings on LR-130, opponents gave examples of 15 different local governments that are currently violating the constitutional rights of Montana citizens with local gun control efforts. This local government overreach must be stopped by LR-130.

Rein in illegal gun control by local governments.  Improve Montana's gun laws.  Prevent a patchwork and legal minefield of local gun control across Montana.

Save your guns.  Save your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Vote YES on LR-130.