Montana Shooting Sports Association
Asserting the right to keep and bear arms on behalf of Montana gun owners

2014 Candidate Questionnaires

Many are aware that MSSA is the primary entity asserting the right of Montana citizens to keep and bear arms.  Over the past 30 years or so, MSSA has gotten 64 pro-gun (mostly) and pro-hunting bills enacted into law.  Montana voters are concerned about laws relating to firearms and MSSA keeps them informed about what impact the Legislature may have on those laws.

MSSA's 2014 Candidate Questionnaires (CQ) for various offices are linked below.  There are several ways candidates can complete and return these Questionnaires to MSSA. 

Download file, complete and email file: 
You may download an MSWord file of the CQ to your computer, enter the information you wish, and attach that completed file in an email to MSSA at  Be sure to save a copy of your completed CQ for your records.  Make your Subject: line "MSSA Candidate Questionnaire" so we will recognize the incoming email.

Email only: 
You can copy the text of the CQ, paste that into the body of an email to, enter the information you wish, then send that email to MSSA (same Subject line as above).

Copy and email:  You can copy the text from the Web page and paste that into a word processor page, or simply download the linked word processor file (.doc), complete the Questionnaire, save the file, and send that file to MSSA attached to your email.

Print, scan and email: 
You could print the .doc file, complete it, scan it into an electronic file, and return that electronic file to MSSA by email (same email address and Subject line).

If you send your CQ by email, expect a return email confirming that MSSA received your CQ.

Print and mail: 
Although we recommend using email to return your CQ, you may also print the MSWord file, fill it out, and send it by U.S. Mail to MSSA, P.O. Box 16106, Missoula 59808.

Candidates with Primary challenge - 5PM, March 31st (Received here)
                                    Candidates with no Primary challenge - 5PM, June 20th

Thanks so much for being willing to serve the Montana public, AND for returning MSSA's CQ.  Montana gun owners will be pleased to know your positions on issues of interest to them.

Candidate Questionnaire for

United States Senate

United States House of Representatives

Justice of the Montana Supreme Court

Montana Legislature (same for Senate and House)