Montana Rep. Jesse O'Hara Weighs in on Montana Policy

CYPRESS LAKES, FLORIDA – In the growing debate of election season politics, Montana's  Representative Jesse O'Hara, elected to represent House District 18 in Great Falls, has sound advice to offer his constituents, candidates, and others.

“It's obvious” O'Hara said in a prepared statement, “that the Legislature appropriates far too much money for winter road maintenance.  I have experienced personally here in Florida that Montana must spend more money to keep alligators off the public roads.”

O'Hara writes from his new home in Cypress Lakes, Florida where he moved immediately after the end of the 2013 Montana legislative session last April.

“I've spent enough years in Montana to know what's best for the people of HD 18,” O'Hara continued.  “If they're worried about snow removal, they should just get smart and move to Florida like I did.”

O'Hara also said he's working on a draft bill for one of his friends still in the Montana Legislature to subsidize and encourage a citrus industry in Montana.  “Just think of all the jobs that would be created,” he said, “if we just require Montana wheat farmers to rededicate their fields to orange groves.  Hey, it works here in Florida.”

O'Hara says he is also studying Florida's laws regulating ports and port facilities, especially those that prevent ships from dumping waste into harbors.  “This is important environmental legislation I can get my friend in the Montana Legislature to sponsor.  It works well in Florida and could be a critical step to saving Montana's pristine beaches,” O'Hara declared.

O'Hara is term-limited, so he's prevented by law from running for reelection to the Montana Legislature.  That, he explains, is why he sold his home in Montana in 2012.  “Who would want to stick around a miserable place like Montana, if they could just up and move to some place warm that isn't filled with hicks.”

When asked how he could continue to represent the voters of HD 18 while living in Florida, O'Hara responded, “Hey, I lived in Montana once so I know what the people of Montana need.  Heck, I could still represent HD 18 if I lived in Kenya, and I may yet.”

Sam Snickelgrubber, a loyal O'Hara supporter from HD 18, said that people are wrong to question O'Hara's ability to represent HD 18 while living in Florida.  Snickelgrubber explained,  “Jesse sure knows what people don't like about Montana.  That's exactly why he moved to Florida.  What more does a person need to know than what's not to like about Montana in order to have good advice about public policy in Montana?”

One of the reasons he moved to Florida, O'Hara said, was because of how mellow and laid back Florida people are and how easily they can be persuaded, not at all like the uppity individualists in Montana who expect to be taken seriously about archaic concepts such as the Constitution, individual liberty, and states' rights.

O'Hara said he may make one trip to Montana this year, just to claim residence, but that he probably wouldn't actually leave the airport and would catch the next flight back to Florida after landing in Great Falls.  “But,” he assured this reporter, “if I do fly in, I'll certainly have someone snap a picture of me in the airport just to prove I've been to Great Falls this year.”

Julie O'Hara put up a Web page gushing about the O'Hara's relocation to Florida.  Rep. O'Hara did admit that it created some marital disharmony when he insisted that Julie take down that Web page.  He explained, “I just didn't want all those people suffering through the recent Great Falls blizzard to rush to follow us to Florida.  It's crowded enough here without a hoard of Montana transplants moving in.  That would definitely affect the neighborhood.  Of course, they could go to Arizona.  That would be fine.”

Fortunately for Julie, this reporter was able to locate a copy of Julie's heart-felt Web page at: