Bozeman multi-jurisdictional task force protects community

Bozeman, Montana- March 23.  Bozeman multi-jurisdictional taskforce has arrested a grandmother for supplying her grandchildren with illegal home-grown organic vegetables which they took to school in their lunch bags.  The chief of police said children can acquire bad habits at home which can lead them to question authority, in this case the school nutrition office and administration, which prefers that they eat government-approved pink slime meat nuggets with GMO white bread.
A police SWAT team raided the grandmother's home in the early morning hours using flash bang grenades.  In order to minimize resistance, the grandmother was shot with a bean bag round from a shotgun and tasered.  All unapproved food has been confiscated from her residence, and the garden was razed and sown with salt.
Citing the deplorable conditions in the children's home, where organic, home made food was readily available, television watching was discouraged in favor of reading, and herbal supplements were used to treat illnesses rather than taking the children to a licensed medical doctor, the department of Child Protective Services has placed them in foster care.
The director of the state department of Micromanagement urged Montanans to be alert for indications that neighbors are developing hostile attitudes toward centralized control.  They may be growing organic gardens, they could be stockpiling food and emergency supplies, guns and ammunition, and might even be homeschooling their children and opposing fluoride in the city water supply.