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(for immediate release - September 9, 2015)

Improved Initiative Relaunched to
Enable Teachers to Protect Children

WHITEFISH, MONT. - An initiative to empower qualified school teachers to be discretely armed to be able to protect themselves and students has been approved the Montana Secretary of State, as submitted by Whitefish high school student Chet Billi.  This initiative, I-175, is now ready for collection of the 24,175 signatures of registered voters required under Montana law to place the measure on the November, 2016, General Election ballot.

Sponsor Billi commented, "I-175 is just common sense.  It is entirely consistent with Montana culture.  It is needed to insure that Montana children remain safe."

The final language of the proposed initiative, and a petition page for collection of signatures, is posted at the link above.

This measure, if successful, will enable full-time school district employees who have taken the required training and have been approved by the local sheriff to receive a Montana concealed weapon permit, to possess a concealed firearm at school.  It does not require employees to be armed, but exempts qualified employees from current prohibitions in state law.  It also requires any participating employee to maintain the security of a firearm and to keep it genuinely concealed.

About the concept, Billi said, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  That's why we arm our police.  However, it takes time for the police to arrive, time that could be fatal for children.  It makes sense to arm the staff, who are at the school all day, every day. This will provide a means of security without additional cost to the school district."

I-175 has received review by the attorneys for the Legislature.  I-175 was also referd to the Attorney General for consideration of the proposed ballot statements, statement of purpose and implication, and possible fiscal note (none required).  Now that this process is completed and finally approved by the Secretary of State, the initiative is available for collection of signatures to qualify it for the ballot.  If the signatures of 24,175 registered voters are collected, the initiative will move forward to the 2016 General Election ballot.

Sponsor Chet Billi is actively seeking Montana citizens who wish to help collect the signatures needed to put I-175 on the ballot.  Anyone who can help should contact Chet.

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Information:  Chet Billi, (406)-250-1290 or chetbilli12 AT gmail DOT com

Chet Billi
Chet Billi